5 Ways to Treat Sciatica Naturally

woman stretching to treat sciatica naturally

Did you know that the largest nerve of your body, called the sciatic nerve, starts in your lower back and extends down into your buttocks and the back of your legs? About 40 percent of Americans experience sciatica at some point in life, but is there a way to treat sciatica naturally? Yes! In fact, below are five natural ways to manage this situation and feel better!

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3 Common Triggers of Sciatic Nerve Pain

woman sitting with a trigger of sciatic nerve pain

You’re on a deadline at work. You stay seated at your desk for days at a time, furiously working to get your project done on time. After you’re finished, you can finally relax only to feel your lower back and legs start to hurt—badly!

You could have sciatica, a condition where the sciatic nerve is compressed. This nerve is located in the lower back near the tail bone and extends into the buttocks and back of the upper legs. But what triggers sciatic nerve pain? Why is it acting up now? Keep reading to find out!

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Sciatica: What to Do about Flare-Ups

person with sciatica experiencing a flare-up

Despite the high gas prices, you and your family have just returned from a road trip this summer. You had tons of fun together, but you spent hours sitting in the car, and now you’re paying the price. Your lower back and legs hurt—a lot. Perhaps it’s not just a passing issue but something more serious like a sciatica flare-up. In this post, you’ll learn more about sciatica, how it starts, and what to do about it!

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Sore Neck? How Your Chiropractor Can Help with Neck Pain Treatment


After a long day at the office, you pack up to go home. In the car on your way home, you turn your head to look for pedestrians but then find that you can’t! Your neck is in serious pain and you have limited range of motion. In this blog post, you’ll learn what your neck does, some of the reasons why it might be hurting you, and ways to address the problem with the help of neck pain treatment with your chiropractor.

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Postural Screening 101: What It Is and Why You Need One

chiropractor talking to a patient about a postural screening

As you get older, there are certain problems you should get screened for, such as several kinds of cancers. You also visit the dentist twice a year to check for any signs of dental problems, even if you aren’t in pain. The same concept can apply to your spine with a postural screening. Keep reading to learn what this is, what to expect, and why you need it!

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5 Reasons to Do Something about Chronic Neck Pain

man suffering from chronic neck pain

At first, you thought you could ignore the discomfort. Your neck has been hurting for a while now, but you have been muddling through. Your partner tells you to see a chiropractor for your chronic neck pain, but you’re wondering whether it’s really a big deal. Keep reading for five reasons why your shouldn’t ignore this pain anymore!

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How to Exercise with Herniated or Bulging Disc

woman who is exercising with a herniated disc

You’re still getting over your back injury from a couple of weeks ago, but you’re anxious to go back to the gym even while recovering from your herniated disc. You don’t want to lose your workout progress, but you also don’t want to risk reinjuring yourself. What exercises should you avoid with a herniated disc? Which might be helpful as you heal? Keep reading to find out!

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Why Your Neck Isn’t Going to Stop

woman with neck pain working at a computer

As you drive home from work, your neck aches. When you go to your kid’s soccer game on the weekend, your neck hurts. Although you use heat and cold therapy to try to loosen muscles, neck pain has basically become part of your daily routine, and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. The truth is that you will still be suffering if you carry on as usual. Here are four likely reasons you keep experiencing neck pain.

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Trouble with Range of Motion? How a Spinal Adjustment Can Help

man tying his shoe and having good range of motion

It should be easy, bending down to tie your shoe. But lately, you haven’t had the range of motion you once had. You get tight and you feel a twinge of pain when you try to do normal things. If this situation sounds familiar to you, join others who are getting older, have suffered an injury, or have arthritis.

What could be wrong with your joints? Does this mean that each one needs to be treated individually? How can your chiropractor help improve your range of motion? Keeping reading to find out!

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At Home: Ways to Avoid Neck and Back Pain While You Work

woman working from home and experiencing neck and back pain

In 2019, the average worker had a commute time of just under 28 minutes. Needless to say, that time has changed since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Instead of spending that time in your car or on a bus or train, now you may simply walk to the dining room table or the living room couch. There have been many perks to working from home, but there have also been plenty of challenges, including more neck and back pain. Read on to learn several ways you can make working from home better for your posture and spinal alignment.

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How to Prevent Winter Back Pain This Year

person with back pain wearing a winter coat

Let’s be honest—winter isn’t your favorite season. At first, it can be fun to have a cold setting for the holidays with a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate or apple cider in the chilly weather, but the novelty quickly wears off. After the festivities are over, everything you don’t like about winter becomes obvious. Among these many reasons, back injuries are a serious concern this time of year. What exactly is the cause of back pain in the winter? What can you do to prevent hurting yourself? Read on to find out!

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