Intro to Reflexology: What It Is and How It Can Help

therapist performing reflexology treatment on a patient’s foot

When you were diagnosed with cancer, you knew you would fight it with everything you have! But you didn’t realize how exhausting, stressful, and sometimes painful treatment would be. Like most battles with chronic conditions, it takes a toll on you physically and emotionally. Fortunately, reflexology can help your body release some of the stress and help you feel significantly better overall.

But what exactly is reflexology? How can it help you in this kind of situation? How is it performed? These are all valid questions that are answered in the content below, so keep reading!

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Bulging or Herniated Disk: What’s the Difference?

man holding his back with moving boxes in the background

You’re a good friend for helping someone move into their new house. After you get a whole bunch of boxes carried in, it’s time to tackle their heavy furniture. But as you lift a dresser with a partner, you feel a sharp pain in your back. Concerned, your friend suggests that you could have a ruptured or herniated disk—or is it a bulging disk? What exactly is the difference between these two problems?

Instead of guessing blindly, learn more about these issues in greater detail in the content below.

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Dietary Support and Chiropractic Care: The Perfect Pairing

dietitian pointing to a paper with dietary guidance

Some things just go well together: flowers and romance, certain wines and cheeses, peanut butter and chocolate, etc. They are different from each other, but they work together to make the experience better. When it comes to treating your body, an underrated, but powerful pairing is a dietitian and a chiropractor. These two professionals do different things for you, but ultimately, treatment with both ends with a healthier, happier you.

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Holistic Chiropractic Care: It Makes All the Difference!

woman treating a patient with holistic chiropractic care

Following a fender bender, you start to experience severe neck pain. Perhaps it makes turning your head difficult, but it certainly hinders your ability to work and live life to the fullest. You need help, but before you blindly select a random doctor, you have a choice in front of you.

Should you work with a health provider who will give you a band-aid fix, or should you visit a chiropractor with a more holistic approach to health? What’s the difference, and what kind of effect can this have on your care? Keep reading to find out!

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Holistic Chiropractor: What It Is and Why You Need One

woman getting her head adjusted with a holistic chiropractor

With your chronic neck pain, you have been seeing a chiropractor on a semi-regular basis. You get a quick adjustment and leave feeling a little better, but it always comes back. Have you considered working with a chiropractor with a holistic approach?

What exactly does it mean to be a holistic chiropractor? Below you’ll find a breakdown of what these terms mean and what your care could be.

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4 Ways Nutrition Can Affect Chiropractic Care

woman eating yogurt for calcium

When you have a stomachache or digestive distress, the first thing you question is what you ate. If you feel sluggish, you can look at your diet to see if you’ve eaten a lot of junk food. But did you know that other systems in your body, namely the musculoskeletal system, also can be impacted by the foods you choose to eat? If you have back, joint, or other forms of pain, you and your chiropractor may need to consider altering your intake. Here’s how your daily nutrition can affect your chiropractic care.

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Nutrition and Chiropractic Care: How They’re Connected

woman eating fruit in the kitchen

When you experience lower back pain, you wonder what could have caused it. Did you pick up something heavy with improper posture? Did you sit on your wallet or phone at work? But there’s another question you may not think to ask: do you get enough Vitamin D in your diet?

Although back pain can originate from many sources, your nutritional choices can play a role. In this post, you’ll learn about the connection between nutrition and chiropractic care, what foods can lead to inflammation, and what your chiropractor can do to help you live a healthier, more pain-free life.

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Not Neck Pain: 4 Other Signs to See a Chiropractor

professional man working at a desk

When it is appropriate to go to the chiropractor? Your first answer may be if you’re dealing with back or neck pain, but did you know that discomfort isn’t the only sign to look out for? In fact, there are plenty of situations that merit a visit to the chiropractor that may not start with neck pain. Keep reading to learn when you should give this professional a call.

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4 Benefits of Getting Chiropractic Care

happy patient meeting a smiling chiropractor

Toward the end of a long day at work, you feel that familiar ache in your back, and you realize that you can’t carry on this way. When you talk to a friend about your pain, they suggest you see a chiropractor. You’ve tried other ways to get relief without success, so perhaps you’re a little skeptical to give it a try. But chiropractic care offers benefits that other solutions don’t. Keep reading to learn about just four of them!

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Neck Pain? Going to a Chiropractor Is a No-Brainer!

person with neck pain needing to see a chiropractor

It’s just a little neck pain. Maybe you slept funny last night, and you woke up unable to turn your head very far to one side. It’s not a big deal, right? You can “be tough” and work it out on your own, can’t you?

Instead of trying to overcome this pain by yourself, you should meet with a chiropractor to deal with your neck pain head on. When you understand more about neck pain and how this professional can help, it’s a no-brainer! So continue reading to learn why chiropractic care is essential to recover from this symptom.

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