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woman back painHave you ever experienced a jolt of lower back pain when doing the simplest of tasks? You may think that this type of injury would only happen while lifting heavy weights at the gym, but in many cases, lower back pain manifests while bending down to tie your shoe, taking groceries out of your car, or picking up something from the ground. Luckily, Dr. Z and our team at AlignRight Chiropractic can bring you the relief and care you need to recover.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

man back painUnlike the area of your spine stabilized by the rib cage, called the thoracic spine, the vertebrae in your lower back are essentially unsupported. As a result, there are many ways—even doing something as simple as bending over to touch your toes—to injure this area. Here are just some of the most common causes of lower back pain.


Without much bone support, the lumbar vertebrae are susceptible to subluxation, or misalignment in motion or position. The good news is, however, that subluxations can be easily treated, and you can experience significant relief after just one treatment.

Herniated Discs

Compared to the upper back, the lumbar spine is more likely to have a bulging or herniated disc, and this can cause excruciating pain in other parts of the body. Although full recovery is rare, we can stop any further deterioration through chiropractic care.


When you experience stress, your brain sends out stress hormones that increase your blood pressure, speed up your heart rate, and tighten your muscles. If this stressful state happens consistently, your muscles can become weak, sore, and sensitive at certain points.

Muscle Sprains, Spasms, and Strains

Working out plays an important role in keeping your body healthy, but you need to be aware of your limitations. If you have little physical activity, pushing yourself too far all at one time can have painful and damaging effects. Muscles and ligaments can become overworked and develop small tears, causing the tissues to feel swollen or tight.

Treating Lower Back Pain

older woman lower back painMost of the time, treating lower back pain is fairly simple. Dr. Z focuses on adjusting the lower vertebrae and pelvis to reposition bones and joints. We can address the underlying cause of the pain and restore proper alignment, giving you both long-term relief from lower back pain and improving function.

Preventing Lower Back Pain

chiropractor adjustmentNot all instances of lower back pain can be avoided. However, some can be prevented with healthy habits. Make sure you exercise on a regular basis and strengthen your abdominal and back muscles. Also, you can reduce your stress levels through deep breathing, meditation, or other relaxation exercises. Maintaining appropriate posture can also keep your lower back from becoming injured.

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