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Auto Accident Injuries

woman neck pain car accidentImmediately following a car accident, you may feel just fine, or so you think. However, especially if you experience whiplash, the pain from your injury can show up weeks or even months later, and permanent damage may have already been done. In fact, many accident victims still struggle with their symptoms years after settling their insurance claims because they haven’t received the proper care. That’s why seeking Dr. Z’s help right after an auto accident is so important—even if you aren’t currently in pain. He can address problems that haven’t manifested yet and help you recover more quickly and effectively.

Back and Shoulder Pain

man back neck painWhether you’ve suffered from a sports-related injury, you feel extra stressed, or you simply have had poor posture for a while, your back and shoulders can bear the brunt of the pain and drastically limit your mobility. Regardless of the cause of your back or shoulder problems, Dr. Z can help you overcome this pain through various treatments, including gentle manipulation, adjustment of the lower lumbar vertebrae and pelvis, and guiding the shoulders and back into their normal, functional state.

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Body Pain

man back pain herniated discDid you know that Dr. Z can help with pains throughout the body such as osteoarthritis, pinched nerves, shin splints, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis? At first glance, these pains may seem unrelated to the typical chiropractic care, but many of these problems are aggravated, if not partially caused, by damage to ligaments, joint misalignment, or bad posture. By making sure that your body is properly aligned and restoring your body’s appropriate posture, Dr. Z can reduce the pain you feel; however, in some cases, you should also see your physician to address other potential causes of these common pains.

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Millions of Americans experience headaches every day, especially as more people sit at computer desks for hours at a time. While some headaches happen occasionally and are dull, others occur more frequently and are throbbing. The vast majority of headaches can be classified as tension, migraine, or cluster headaches, all of which Dr. Z can treat. Although you may feel the pain in your head, many headaches are actually caused by muscle tension in the neck and shoulders from poor posture. Others can be localized in a particular area and cause sensitivity to light and sound. Cluster headaches refer to short, but very painful, headaches that are repeated every day for weeks or months. No matter what kind of headache you are suffering from, Dr. Z can provide the necessary rehabilitation to alleviate this pain and help you return to your normal daily activities. He accomplishes this through posture corrections or spinal manipulations, depending on your needs.

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Herniated Discs

In between the vertebrae in your back, there are small, robust discs or cushions that keep the bones properly spaced and protected. Unfortunately, these discs can degenerate and become herniated (i.e., bulged, ruptured, or slipped), which basically occurs when the disc pinches a spinal nerve and causes severe pain. Most often, this occurs in the lower back, but it can happen anywhere along the spine. Through spinal manipulation, Dr. Z can bring you some relief from your symptoms. He can also use therapeutic exercises and stretches to facilitate healing.

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Repetitive Use Injuries

carpal tunnelThese days, many professions require people to perform the same actions over and over, whether they work at a computer, in a factory, or on a construction site. If this applies to you, your arms and wrists can develop injuries like carpal tunnel and tennis elbow. These injuries can leave you with pain or numbness in your arm, wrist, and hand, which obviously presents a problem in terms of daily functions. Traditional medicine tends to use anti-inflammatory medication or steroid shots, but Dr. Z can offer rehabilitation that helps to address the cause of the problem, alleviating the pressure on your ligaments and nerves.

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