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At some point, most patients at our practice come in with complaints of back or neck pain of some sort. Although fixing these issues often entails simple treatment, others require more gentle, more advanced care. Herniated discs are certainly part of this second group. Whether this pain can is minor or leaves them flat on their backs for long periods, AlignRight Chiropractic is here to get you on the path toward healing and long-term wellness.

Causes of a Herniated Disc

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In between the vertebrae, rubbery discs cushion, separate, and support this delicate structure that is your spinal column. When a disc slips out of place or becomes inflamed, it can pinch or press against the nerves, sending a painful signal to the brain. A disc can herniate when you stretch or move the wrong way, lift heavy objects with improper form, experience a car accident, or simply as you age. Regardless of the cause, a herniated disc can be very painful should not have to be endured in the long term. 

Signs of a Herniated Disc

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The most common symptom is usually excruciating pain in your back or neck, but it isn’t always serious. When you have a herniated disc, even the slightest of movements can trigger this response and become debilitating for weeks on end. Unfortunately, if the problem isn’t handled with regular chiropractic care, it can return over and over for many years, which is why you need a long-term solution to this problem.

Treatment for a Herniated Disc

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Although you likely have other available ways of dealing with the severe pain that comes with a herniated disc, the healthiest and safest way to treat this condition is chiropractic care. Pain management through medication only alleviates the symptom and doesn’t deal with the problem. Dr. Z can adjust or realign your spine into a healthy position, allowing the area to heal and correct itself.

Could you have a herniated disc that is causing you neck or back pain? Reach out to our team and get relief!

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