What to Expect on Your First Chiropractic Visit

The first time you see a chiropractor, be on time because the initial consultation usually takes about an hour of the doctor’s time. It is necessary for the doctor to find out exactly why you are there! The initial consultation usually costs roughly 200 dollars, but many chiropractors will waive this fee if you have insurance or sign up for a maintenance plan. Dr Z. will waive the consultation fee just by mentioning this blog post!

After the consultation, the doctor will examine you. This means you will be asked to move your body into various positions. The doctor is testing your range of motion and seeing how your body responds to particular movements. If you are experiencing acute pain, the doctor may decide that you need x-rays before he can treat you. If you have had any previous surgeries or prior existing conditions, this is usually the suggested course of action. If you are relatively healthy, the doctor may adjust you on the same day of your initial consultation. However, in some cases you may have to wait until your next appointment. Regardless, you always have the opportunity to accept or decline the treatment plan that is suggested.

Once you accept the treatment plan, the care to help get you out of pain will begin. In some rare cases, the chiropractor may not be able to help you. If this is so, ask for a referral to a health care provider who offers the necessary treatment. Make sure you are comfortable with your doctor because you might be spending a few hours a week at his office.

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