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When you find yourself in never-ending, dull, aching pain and you want to find a way out of it, trigger point therapy can be the perfect solution. Trigger point therapy is therapy that is applied manually and through dry needling at the trigger point locations in the body to disrupt the pain caused by these areas.

What is Trigger Point therapy?

Trigger point therapy is one way for chiropractors to stop the cycle of pain that trigger points cause. Chiropractors do this through manual manipulation of the patient’s body and through dry needling of the patient’s body. Manual trigger point therapy involves the chiropractor applying pressure to the area in order to release the adhesions found there as well as increase range of motion. Dry needling is the use of acupuncture needles in order to find the trigger point areas and to create lesions to signal the body to increase blood flow.

Trigger points are areas of pain in localized small spots on the body and they are found in taut muscle bands. They are easily irritated and sometimes develop after severe accidents such as an automobile accident or from simply being overused (such as typing or standing all day at work). These areas of muscle start to band together and form adhesions in the connective tissue. Trigger point therapy works by releasing these adhesions and stopping the dysfunction in the body.

Dry Needling On Trigger Points

Some chiropractors will need to use dry needling on trigger points if the point is severe. Dry needling is very safe and effective when used on trigger points. Chiropractors use sterilized acupuncture needles to create tiny lesions in the area that signal to the body to increase blood flow to that area. This helps the body to begin to repair the injured muscle at the same time as it is repairing the tiny lesions. This method does not tax the body, but provides it with swift relief that is ongoing.

Is Trigger Point Therapy covered by insurance?

Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. We cannot guarantee that trigger point therapy will be covered by your insurance provider; however, we can guarantee that our office is set up in a way that maximizes insurance coverage for all treatments. We work seamlessly with your insurance company to process payments. For additional insurance questions, please speak with our front office.

For more information about trigger point therapy or other forms of chiropractic therapy, please visit Dr. Zinovy Chukhman at his AlignRight Chiropractic office or give us a call. We are always glad to set up consultation appointments for those who are unsure about which treatment is best for them. We know that every body is unique and has its own set of problems. We believe that you deserve the absolute best treatment and that the best way for your body to heal is through a series of chiropractic care sessions targeted at healing your core problems.

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