February 23, 2016

“Chiropractic treatment by Dr. Z. has helped with my primary goal, achieving higher efficiency in my daily functioning. In November 2010 Dr. Z. discovered that my spine had a scoliosis shape but not severe enough for a diagnosis as such. Even though my parents started me with chiropractic treatments as an infant, the abnormal shape of my spine had gone undetected for 55 years. This misalignment resulted in my entire right side being off including a turned in right heel. During my first treatment, Dr. Z adjusted all bones into their proper positions. He explained the importance of doing daily exercises to build muscle strength necessary for holding bones in place. The heel problem was very painful when it was out of place. Currently I have hardly any pain at all. What is most amazing to me is my rapid progress in strength building. For 30 years I have been exercising, but I was unable to advance beyond beginner’s level. Dr. Z. has taught me the importance of adjusting the entire spine for organs to receive maximum nerve impulses essential for functioning. In addition, each chiropractic adjustment boosts the immune system. This is important for fighting disease and clearing up problems that cause my allergies. Chiropractic is efficient, because it improves health, costs less than medical expenses that would result from illnesses, and saves time that could have been spent having diseases treated.”

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