back painHave you ever experienced back pain? Welcome to the club. Researchers estimate that 80 percent of people will have serious back pain at some point in life. Maybe that’s why there are so many falsehoods about back pain floating around—there are so many people talking about their aching backs! Do you know the difference between what is true and what’s false? A Richardson chiropractor certainly does.

Always Sit Up Straight to Avoid Back Pain

False. Slouching in your chair won’t do your back any favors, but neither will sitting up too straight. If your job requires you to sit for most of the day, try leaning back in your chair while keeping your feet on the floor for a nice stretch. If possible, work standing up and be sure to walk around for a couple of minutes every hour.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

False. It’s not so much the object you’re lifting as the way you lift. Stand close to the object, squat down and then let your legs do the heavy lifting. Don’t bend or twist during the lift.

Bed Rest Is the Best Cure for Back Pain

False. If you’re back hurts because of an injury, then some bed rest can be helpful. However, staying in bed too long could make your back pain worse.

Back Pain Is Always the Result of Injury

False. Yes, an injury such as a fall can lead to back pain, but there are other causes including disc degeneration, infections and inherited conditions like ankylosing spondylitis.

Body Weight Can Affect Back Pain

True. Back pain is more common among people who carry too much body weight. And exercising intermittently can increase the risk for back injury. But don’t think that people who are skinny won’t experience back pain. They do, and those with eating disorders and osteoporosis are particularly vulnerable.

Exercise is Always Bad for Back Pain

False. To the contrary, a mild exercise program can be very soothing, and regular exercise can go a long way toward preventing back pain. Always begin gently, and don’t think that you have to “exercise through the pain.” If it hurts, stop!

Sleep on a Firm Mattress

False. You should sleep on a mattress that feels comfortable for you. For some people, sleeping on a mattress of medium firmness is better than sleeping on one that is hard.

See A Chiropractor

True. A chiropractor offers back pain treatment in Richardson that will provide relief. Your treatment plan may include spinal adjustments, massage and an exercise routine.

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