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When you have a stomachache or digestive distress, the first thing you question is what you ate. If you feel sluggish, you can look at your diet to see if you’ve eaten a lot of junk food. But did you know that other systems in your body, namely the musculoskeletal system, also can be impacted by the foods you choose to eat? If you have back, joint, or other forms of pain, you and your chiropractor may need to consider altering your intake. Here’s how your daily nutrition can affect your chiropractic care.

Less Weight, Less Stress on Joints

Unfortunately, excess weight can lead to painful joints, particularly weight-bearing joints like your hips, your knees, and your lower back. The stress of the weight can cause your cartilage as well as your bones to wear down more quickly.

On the other hand, when you maintain a healthy weight through a balanced diet, your body is able to process and burn the right amount of fat. This means that your joints have to bear less weight and endure less pressure.

Stronger Bones

Sometimes, back or joint pain results from conditions like osteoporosis, where bones become more fragile and susceptible to damage. By getting plenty of calcium, potassium, and magnesium, particularly in fruits, vegetables, and dairy in your diet, you can reinforce your bone mass, helping to protect against fractures and damage.

Along the same lines, you need to limit substances in your diet that could keep your bones from properly absorbing necessary nutrients. These substances include salt, alcohol, and caffeine in excess.

Less Inflammation, Less Pain

Inflammation is often to blame for nerve pain because swollen tissues can infringe on nerve endings, particularly around the spine, where nerves are especially sensitive and delicately balanced. Eating foods that fight inflammation can keep swelling and irritation to a minimum. In fact, for those who suffer from gout or rheumatoid arthritis, adjusting the diet and removing inflammatory foods can go a long way to reduce symptoms.

Better Healing

Believe it or not, the food you have can influence how quickly you recover from an injury. Even for soft tissue injuries like muscle and tendon strains, diet can play a part. Lean meat, nuts, and seeds can strengthen muscle tissue and ligaments, leading to more efficient healing.

Now that you know how your diet can affect your chiropractic care, you can make smarter decisions and do your part at home to facilitate healing. Your body will appreciate getting the nutrients it requires for faster healing, and you’ll be happy to see more progress!

About the Author

At AlignRight Chiropractic, we have the benefit of having a skilled and experienced chiropractor as well as a dietician. Dr. Zinovy Chukhman has continued to build his knowledge and skills through advanced training, and he enjoys teaching patients how to improve their overall well-being through chiropractic care as well as dietary recommendations. Are you interested in learning more about the connection between nutrition and chiropractic services? Contact us for an appointment now!

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