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These days, technology has become pervasive in almost every facet of life and has become basically a necessity. It’s impractical to avoid technology completely. However, looking down at screens for long periods of time comes at a cost. You may find, like many people today, that you struggle with neck, shoulder, and upper back pain, which has been labeled as “text neck.”

In this article, you’ll learn about four ways you can stop text neck from making your life miserable and get the relief you need.

Spend Less Time on Screens

The most logical, but most difficult, way to eliminate text neck would be to limit the time you spend with the cause. If looking down at screens is leaving you with a hurting neck, then you could break this habit and spend more time being active, pursuing a hobby, or interact with friends and family. It may take time, practice, and discipline to put your devices down, but it could not only help your neck feel better but also allow you to have more fulfillment in your life.

Take Frequent Breaks

Your body wasn’t meant to stay in one position for hours at a time. It is built for movement. However, many jobs require you sit in the same spot all day. To avoid stiffness and pain, especially in your neck, you should take a five-minute break about every hour to stretch, move around, and look away from screens.

This short respite can help you reset with proper posture, which can reduce your chances of experiencing text neck.

Use Proper Posture and Stretch Often

In many cases in the workplace, you can position your phone, tablet, or laptop in a way that you can minimize having to look down. If at all possible, try to keep your screen at or just under eye level for optimal neck comfort. Keep your back straight, and your chin parallel to the floor. Many employers are happy to help you achieve a more ergonomic setting, so it doesn’t hurt to ask for some accommodations!

If you have no control over your work environment, you can always take a minute or two to stretch your neck, upper back, and shoulders. These stretches can keep you limber and help you reset to the correct posture.

Work with a Chiropractor Regularly

Your text neck may be beyond your capabilities to overcome alone. That’s where a chiropractor comes in to take away the pain. Meeting with this professional on a regular basis for spinal realignment helps relieve your symptoms, and they can teach you how to position yourself in a healthy way to avoid or reduce text neck in the future.

When you follow these tips, text neck doesn’t have to afflict you all the time. Your chiropractor can help you develop healthier habits that will result in less pain and more productivity at work and in your own free time.

About the Author

Dr. Zinovy Chukhman, who prefers to go by Dr. Z, works with patients who have injuries of various kinds, including text neck. Unlike many other chiropractors, he has completed all four levels of certification by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Z, you can contact our Richardson office at 972-907-2800 or visit our Contact Us page here.

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