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For months you’ve been struggling with neck pain and don’t know why it won’t go away. As you get older, you experience more aches and pains, but that doesn’t mean you should just accept this as part of your daily life. Why is your discomfort lingering? What can you do about it? Check out these four common reasons and how you can reduce your neck pain with the help of a chiropractor!

You Aren’t Doing Anything

If you’re one of those people who simply try to wait and tough it out, don’t expect your pain to magically disappear. Pain is a signal that something is wrong; doing nothing about it will yield no results at all. However, if you act through stretching, changing your posture, and seeking appropriate chiropractic help, you’re sure to feel a difference.

You Are Sleeping in a Bad Position

Believe it or not, neck pain is often the result not of a sudden injury but of repeated poor positioning. While you sleep, if your body and spine are out of alignment for prolonged periods of time, you put excess strain on the muscles and tendons. In many cases, the pillow height and firmness are primarily to blame for neck pain, particularly if you experience it as you wake up. Try to find a pillow and bedding that offers the right support or adjusting how you position your body during sleep.

You Are Stressed

When your body experiences stress, many systems are affected, including your muscles. Instead of staying loose and flexible, they can become rigid and tight if you are consistently under stress. Although stress isn’t exactly a cause of neck pain, it can certainly exacerbate the situation.

By learning stress-relieving techniques like guided meditation, focused breathing, coloring, yoga, and more, you may not necessarily get rid of your neck pain entirely, but you can lower the impact stress has on your body.

You Have Bad Posture

Do you sit at a computer all day? Unfortunately, working at a desk can promote poor posture without you ever realizing it. You may find your head leaning forward with your shoulders hunched. That’s why it’s good to check your body positioning and get up for a quick stroll about every hour. These little breaks can help your eyes readjust and help you maintain healthy posture.

While you sit, your feet should be flat and your lower legs perpendicular to the floor. Your back should be straight and your shoulders back with your head aligned with your spine. Your screen should be at eye level or shortly below so that your chin can remain parallel to the floor.

Ultimately, unless you take the right action, your neck will likely continue hurting and making you miserable. It’s worth getting help and making changes to your lifestyle and habits so that you can enjoy more comfort.

About the Author

Dr. Zinovy Chukhman, or Dr. Z, has nearly two decades of experience practicing chiropractic. In this career so far, he has received all four parts of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and NBCE Physical Rehabilitation certification. He is also proficient in many treatment techniques, including Diversified and Gonstead. If you are experiencing neck pain, you can contact AlignRight Chiropractic through our website.

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