Common knowledge and stereo types categorize chiropractic treatment as a back-popping readjustment system that solely promotes basic physical ailments. What some people fail to realize is that chiropractic treatment is a natural treatment that has been used for ages to treat everything from headaches and back pains (the first and second most common neurological ailments in the U.S.) to sleep and immune system problems.

AlignRight Chiropractic is the leader in Richardson, TX providing non-invasive and drug-free treatment for your everyday aches and pains and for these commonly overlooked bonus benefits.


Ditch the sleeping pills and get to the bottom of what could be causing poor sleep patterns: subluxations, or spinal misalignment. The adjustment procedure allows you to become more relaxed. This state of relaxation improves blood flow in the nervous system which helps to correct the subluxations.

The main issue with having a misaligned spine is that this bad formation compresses nerves which blocks proper communication between the spine and brain. When this communication is broken down, your body creates a stress response which prevents you from resting entirely.

Chiropractic treatment can also indirectly aid insomnia by remedying its other causes. Regular adjustments help with back pain, restless leg syndrome and breathing problems like asthma.


Your immune and nervous system work hand and hand in an intricately designed pattern. Maintaining balance in this pattern is crucial for protecting and healing your body. Subluxations cause neural dysfunctions that are the culprits of disrupting the neural/immune balance.

Studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments promote the response of nervous and immune systems through the release of spinal pressure on neural pathways. These pathways are responsible for proper function of some major organs including the spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, and bone marrow; all of which make up your body’s immune response.

Maintaining stability within the neural/immunity pathways is also an important aspect of treating and preventing inflammatory diseases. Neural stimulation is directly linked to the function of inflammatory cells. When subluxations occur, the body is susceptible to inflammatory syndromes like arthritis and behavioral disorders like depression.

The key objective in chiropractic treatment is to release stress on the nervous system. Releasing this stress is also promotes the endo-neuro-immune system in treating immune-compromised conditions like cancer and other chronic disorders.


Just as chiropractic treatment relaxes tension and stress to promote blood flow and immunity, adjuments promote overall good body chemistry. This includes enjoying an increased level of oxygen which is known to result in better moods and heightened sense of focus.

Better circulation and higher oxygen levels associated with chiropractic release can have a life changing effect on more than just your physical ailments. Studies show that regular adjuments have noticeably positive effects on those suffering from lack of focus and depression.

These are just a few among many benefits the team at AlignRight invites you to come explore. Whether it be treatment for recovery, chronic pain, or just preventative measures, AlignRight of Richardson, TX is here to help you get the most out of life!

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