Chiropractic doctors – more commonly known as chiropractors – practice a drug-free, hands-on approach that includes patient examination, diagnosis and treatment.  Chiropractors are also trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, as well as to provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling.

Tissue injury can be caused by a single traumatic event, such as improper lifting of a heavy object, or through repetitive stresses, such as sitting in an awkward position with poor spinal posture for an extended period of time.  Misalignments of the spine and joints put pressure and stress on nerves, called subluxation.  Subluxation causes interference in the nervous system, which unbalances your body, causes pain and inflammation and reduces immune function.


The most common therapeutic procedure is known as spinal or joint manipulation, also called “chiropractic adjustment”, which is performed by applying a controlled force to certain areas of pain or restricted movement as a result of tissue injury.  Chiropractic locates and removes subluxations through spine, joint, and tissue manipulation or adjustment, increasing mobility, reducing pain and inflammation, and restoring balance to your body, allowing it to heal.

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